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Modifying and altering your clothes

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This community is for sharing ideas and advice regarding t-shirt modification - mainly writing, painting and printing, but also applique, cutting/sewing, etc. Basically anything to do with modifying your t-shirts, but feel free to talk about other items of clothing as the same things can be applied to bags, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. You name it.

Rules are as such (I hate this bit as much as you do):

- Posts about clothes are welcome. Posts about your dog or your holiday or anything like that isn't... Well, unless it's really damn interesting and/or relevant.

- Keep your flames outta my community, foo'!

- Join as you wish, I'm not bothered about how stylish or l33t you are, I just want to see what the hell you do with your clothes when you're bored.

That's it folks, whether anyone will actually post in this thing is beyond me. Feel free to whore this community as you see fit and tell your friends to join, etc.